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The Richest Architectural Heritage . . . is in El Chuco, Texas. 

Note 11/24/2021: I am currently going through all of the entries at our Interactive Map (please see, doing grammatical re-writes and checking for historical accuracy. This project will probably last until mid-summer 2022 - it involves researching and editing almost 650 entries, in addition to adding approximately 25 newly discovered Trost & Trost buildings. I will continue to post regularly at the Trost Society's Facebook Page (, so it is probable that I will not be adding articles to for a while. 

Update 11/08/2021: Almost 190 Buildings posted to date from many of El Paso's early architectural firms.

El Paso, Texas is one of the richest architectural cities in America. Featuring the Maestro himself, architect Henry C. Trost of Trost & Trost, this dusty little town is home to the works of many other greats in the field, too. Included in the list is Edward Kneezell, builder of El Paso's first skyscraper; Mabel Welch, the first licensed female Architect in El Paso, and the second in Texas; Otto Thorman, a brilliantly creative mind that designed buildings here for nearly half a century; the firm of Gibson & Robertson, with an amazing array of diverse designs that send the brain reeling; and many more.

For the past few years, both as an independent hobbyist and enthusiast, and as a researcher for El Paso's nonprofit Trost Society, I have documented hundreds of buildings designed by this group of architectural artists. I have studied the histories of these structures and taken and collected literally thousands of photographs. 

1910 Photograph of the Trost &
Trost Rio Grande Valley Bank Building
as it was being completed. Courtesy of
El Paso Public Library was launched on October 16, 2020, and the domain was secured on October 19. As of November 2021, I have featured almost 170 buildings at the site, and I have about 200 more that have their narratives written and pictures taken. I plan on adding around 2 properties daily to, all appearing in the column to the right. 

All photographs are credited here at The El Paso Sketch Club. If you would like to use a photo here, kindly cite the original source and provide a link back to my page.

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