Stanton House Boutique Hotel Interior

1917. Note the Martin Building (currently the
Martin Lofts) under construction to the right of
the building
The Rogers Furniture Building, built in 1915, nestled comfortably between the J.J. Newberry and the Martin Lofts, was recently completely remodeled on the interior and restored on the exterior into the high-end Stanton House Boutique Hotel. This structure was previously the home of the Rogers Furniture Co., the Rogers-Hoyt Furniture Co., and Sears-Roebuck (before they moved to 5-points). It is currently owned by Miguel Fernandez, who has invested quite a lot of $$$ into this luxury hotel.

On 2/12/2019 I was able to tour the 1st floor, basement and mezzanine levels and take photographs of this beautiful hotel. The staff was very gracious and helpful. Here is a bunch of those interior lobby. lounge and restaurant photos. This property is immaculate and amazing looking. Nothing was out of place, and everything was spotless. The staff was wonderful and very friendly.

Image credits: The old image, from 1917, is from the North Texas University Digital Archives via the Library of Congress. All other photos taken by Mark Stone 2/12/2019.

The Stanton House Boutique Hotel